Monday, September 28, 2015

Interview with the Host Committee: Part 7

Hello, again!

First of all, let me quickly say that this past Saturday was our Fall into Fashion Fundraiser! With nearly 200 people in attendance, we had a fabulous time with music, dancing and raffles galore! Be sure to stay tuned for a post about the event!

Anyway, this week, I'd like to introduce you all to Alexis! A member of our host committee and the chief of selling tickets, Alexis draws on her fashion education and experience to help the Foundation achieve its every goal! Please keep reading to learn more about Alexis.

Can you please provide a brief description of yourself? (Hobbies, college(s) attended: major, minor, year graduated; what you’d like to do for your career). I graduated in 2014 from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I majored in Fashion Merchandising Management with a specialization in buying and planning. I currently work at Calvin Klein as the Men's Apparel Merchandise Coordinator. 
 Do you volunteer with any other organizations? What are you passionate about? Currently I only volunteer with The Fashion Foundation. I have always been passionate about volunteering. All throughout high school I belonged to different clubs that revolved around helping others and benefiting the community.  I was even the president of the Red Cross Club.  One of my favorite quotes is "Helping people will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for them" 
 What is your daytime job and what is your position/title at The Fashion Foundation? I currently work at Calvin Klein as the Men's Apparel Merchandise Coordinator and I am on the Host Committee for the fashion foundation. 
 Can you give us a brief description of your job responsibilities at The Foundation? How long have you been volunteering with the Fashion Foundation? I have been volunteering with The Fashion Foundation for over a year now. My responsibilities include working with the host committee to plan events and raise awareness through social media and networking events to attract potential donors. 
 How did you become involved with The Foundation? How did you hear about the organization? I first learned about The Fashion Foundation through Facebook. I attended FIT with Amanda and I would see her post about the foundation. Once I saw her post that she needed members for the host committee I knew immediately I wanted to be involved. 
 Why did you choose The Foundation? In your opinion, what separates The Foundation from any other charitable nonprofit organization? I love the idea of using fashion as a means to create awareness and give back to students in need. 
 What’s your favorite part about being a volunteer? I love working with the host committee. They are all amazing people and truly make planning this event so much fun! 
 Do you have any plans for the upcoming Fall season (both for the Foundation and otherwise)? I celebrated my 23rd Birthday 2 days before our event. 
 Looking forward, what are some of the things you wish to do to help The Foundation achieve its goal of helping children in need? I hope to help our events grow and evolve into an amazing fundraiser that creates awareness and raises donations for students. 
 Lastly, can you give our readers a reason why participating and/or donating to The Foundation is worth their while? Supporting the education of our youth is so significant because they are the future. They will be our future leaders and I don't know about you, but I personally would like our future leaders to have the best education opportunities. 
 Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? I'm obsessed with Starbucks coffee and my favorite color is pink. I also have a twin sister and I love fashion! 

I'd personally like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Alexis and the entire crew for helping the Fashion Foundation be where it is today! Amanda, your passion and dedication is truly unmatched and admirable! Thank you for all that you guys do for children in need.

To view our team page and learn a little bit about all of us here at the Fashion Foundation,click here

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Holly Anne Silva is one of the Fashion Foundation's passionate bloggers and chief of writing. Fervent about giving back, Holly volunteers for a number of local nonprofit organizations; she is a kennel attendant at the Heart and Soul Animal Rescue of Long Island and the creatures division editor for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. She is a senior newsletter editor for a major branding and publishing company, and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Hofstra University. In her spare time, she freelances as a makeup artist. Holly is also working on establishing her own nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare, called the Sammy and Milo Foundation.

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