Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our 7th School Partnership: The Fashion Foundation Had a Blast With PSIS 155!

PTA President Rasheeda White!
The Fashion Foundation is proud to announce that we have completed our seventh school donation to PSIS 155 in Brooklyn, NY! Not only have we increased our school partnerships substantially to begin 2016, but this past donation marked $18,000+ worth of school supplies donated from our organization! This is an incredible feat as we continue to help more and more students in need.

Fashion Foundation founder, Amanda Munz, and host committee member Megan Melofchik spent the day with students at PSIS 155. The Foundation was able to donate an essential list of supplies for students, which included new uniforms, art supplies, notebooks and gym gear—basketballs, footballs and hula hoops!

Not only were our two important members of The Foundation front and center with the elementary students, but local Brooklyn charity “What About the Children” also graciously joined the fun and attended the day with Amanda and Megan. In addition, we were privileged with the opportunity to work with PTA president, Rasheeda White, who was a great help during all of the daytime festivities.

The Foundation hosted a painting party with the students, in which over 100 wooden picture frames were supplied for the children to present their projects in—a wonderful gift for the families during the Valentine’s Day season.


What most people don’t realize is that of the 535 students that attend PSIS 155, about 200 live in shelters. That’s about 37 percent of the class population. It’s a harsh reality such as this one that motivates The Fashion Foundation to help in any way that it can.

But it starts with you, the people who volunteer to donate and support our mission. A year ago, The Foundation was working on securing its third school partnership. Now, we are working towards an eighth. This would not be possible without those of you who help The Foundation grow each and every day. We thank you.

Special thanks to Brooklyn Charity “What About Children” and PTA president, Rasheeda White, for all for all of your help, and for teaming up with us to provide the students of PSIS 155 a day that they well deserved.

Please do not forget to donate at our website:, like us on Facebook @, and of course, like us on Twitter at the handle, @FashFoundation.

Till next time!

Joseph A. Jungermann is a freelance copy editor and blogger for The Fashion Foundation. He also authors his own personal blog, titled: “A Tuesday Afternoon.” He is the founder of the copy editing company: Elemental Edit, which provides content editing services for students, professionals, and small businesses. Joe obtained his Bachelors of Arts in English at Stony Brook University through their honor’s college in December of 2013. As a passionate reader, writer, and aspiring entrepreneur, he also enjoys playing guitar, reading poetry, and spending time with family and friends.

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